Guild of Young Freeman Inter-Livery Quiz – 11 February 2022

WCIT put together a stellar team of intellects for the Guild of Young Freemen Young Livery Inter-Livery Quiz. The stunning six stepping up to the plate were made up of Tamzin Kerslake, Byron Glover, Alex Arnold, Elliot Brooks and two guests Jess Herbert and Ben Platten. Together, they were the Worshipful Company of the Partially Informed.

Hosted in Bakers’ Hall, they battled angry anagrams, came head to head with some cruel cryptic crossword clues, and triumphed in the music round with a very eclectic taste between the team.

With only one question contested regarding the technically of a ‘Password’ versus a ‘Passcode’, our heroic squad stumbled into a rather respectful joint fifth position. It went unmentioned that the Young Freemen and the Hosts took podium positions, but they graciously tipped their hats to the winners, the Coopers, and drowned their sorrows in The Hung, Drawn and Quartered – promising to be back next year with vengeance.

A huge thank you to the Worshipful Company of Bakers, the Guild of Young Freemen and Quiz Coconut for a wonderful evening.