Information Security Panel Dinner – 23 March 2022

As one of the four pillars of the WCIT, fellowship is very important to the Information Security Panel. In response to the pandemic restrictions of 2020, we supplemented our formal quarterly meetings with monthly online meetings intended primarily to help members continue to feel connected and update each other on their various activities. The Panel also has the singular distinction of enjoying the very last dinner in the WCIT Hall before the first lockdown, and the very first after restrictions were lifted in September 2021. 

Returning to its usual Spring schedule, the Panel hosted its 2022 dinner on 23rd March. The guest speaker was investigative journalist Geoff White, co-host of the Lazarus Heist podcast, the UK’s Number One podcast with a staggering 8 million listeners, and author of the forthcoming book of the same name. Geoff entertained and informed with tales of the exploits of the Lazarus Group of cybercriminals, reported to have stolen many millions of US dollars from banks around the world, and to be responsible for some of the highest profile cyber-attacks in recent years. Geoff’s extensive research and thought-provoking consideration of what can be done both to prevent and combat cybercrime prompted a lively and very productive discussion, with many of our members bringing their own professional expertise to bear on the subject. 

In addition to Panel members and their guests, we also welcomed a number of prospective freemen and journeymen. Ticket sales and a raffle on the night raised a very handsome £900 for the WCIT Charity.