Sheriffs’ Challenge Finalists 2021: Tea in the judges room at the Old Bailey – 21 April 2022

21st April 2022 was a celebratory occasion for the two 2021 Sheriffs’ Challenge finalist teams.  They had to compete virtually  last year because of lockdown, instead of at the Old Bailey as would normally be the case.  As recompense they were invited for tea and a tour of the Old Bailey by HHJ Sarah Munro.

The finalist schools: Kings College London Maths School, with teacher David Hobbs and the Actuaries’ Livery Lead Greg Lugisani, and Lilian Baylis Technology College, with the teacher Athina Inneh and Information Technologists’ Livery Lead David Barker, with HHJ Sarah Munro and Aldermanic Sheriff Alison Gowman.

Judge Sarah Munro and Sheriff Gowman are actively engaged with philanthropic work in the City of London to support young people.  They spoke with fervour about encouraging gender and ethnic equality into the professions, efforts to prevent young people being sucked into a life of criminality and that these sixth-formers are the trail-blazers for the future: 

“You can do anything; don’t let the only person holding you back be yourself.”

Many thanks to Judge Munro and Sheriff Gowman for their time and commitment to this event.

Dr Anne Punter, Lower Warden, Worshipful Company of Educators