International Women’s Day – 8 March 2023

The Equality Committee held a successful hybrid event celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March,  linking in with the global theme for IWD of Embrace Equity.  In total there were 20 attendees (50/50 online and in the Hall) which was less than expected but the arctic cold weather outside did not help!  The Master opened the event celebrating and encouraging women to continue to work energetically for the Company despite being in the minority.  He highlighted that there were 26% women in IT – and 10% who were developers – still low so anything we can do to encourage women into STEM subjects still needs to be continued.  He noted that there were still only 14% women in the Company and again, focus should continue on encouraging more women to join us.  

The  IWD2023 Embrace Equity event was an opportunity for attendees to discuss 3 key areas in breakouts and then report back.  These areas were: 

  1. What are the current career challenges for Women in Technology? What, if anything, has changed over the past few decades?  
  2. From an Education point of view – what is available for women to improve their technical skills both online and in person?  
  3. Internationally – are women feeling more included on the world stage? What evidence is there to that effect? 

Many thanks to the Master Rob Wirszycz, Dr Sue Black, Professor Vic Baines and Yasameen Al-jboury, Executive Director of the African Gifted Foundation (a charity Foundation that Liveryman Tom Ilube established for gifted African girls to be educated in IT subjects) for their speeches and contributions to leading at the event.