Royal Signals Information Services Apprentice of the Year

Senior Warden Kerri Mansfield JP visited the Royal Signals Apprentice Awards ceremony at Blandford on Thursday 15 June 2023.  The WCIT’s Information Technology Apprentice Medallion was presented to Signaller Grace Phoenix.   

Signaller Phoenix is a member of the network service desk and the detachment second in command of a NATO deployable mini node, held at five days’ notice to move for the NATO Response Force. It is vital that the node remains online to download updates while being ready for rapid deployment, with Signaller Phoenix also creating and resolving tickets including with the Signal Battalion’s engineers in Germany, and consulting with the NATO Communication Agency at SHAPE.

This junior engineer has already demonstrated high levels of understanding and proficiency across a wide spectrum of activity, and has progressed far more quickly than their peers along the bespoke and technically challenging NATO training pathway. Critically, the knowledge gained from these qualifications – far beyond that expected of a signaller – has been intelligently applied in brilliant problem solving on exercises, including NATO’s annual Priority Zero nuclear deterrent event.

The Squadron Commander summarises Signaller Phoenix as an incredibly capable individual who has already started delivering on a very impressive reserve of potential.