WCIT Volunteers Shine at London Careers Festival 2023

 A dedicated team of volunteers proudly represented WCIT at the successful London Careers Festival held at the Guildhall on 3rd and 4th July 2023. The festival was attended by enthusiastic Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils from schools across London. According to the schools’ feedback, WCIT was one of the most popular stands!

 Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Micro:bit Education Foundation, BBC Micro:bit kits were awarded as prizes to pupils who successfully completed a challenging problem-solving puzzle at the WCIT stand.

Team WCIT consisted of members from the Careers Panel and the Education & Training Committee, including Liveryman Indranil Nath, Freemen Giles Otomewo, Juan Ginzo, Mark Balaam and Ji Li. These delegates emphasized the crucial role of digital skills in future professions, inspiring young attendees to explore the vast opportunities available in the technology field.

 Many thanks to Steve Smith, Jon Kidd, the Beadle, and the Clerk for their support in preparing and coordinating this event.