London Careers Festival at the Guildhall

The London Careers Festival took place at the Guildhall’s prestigious Great Hall on the 26th and 27th February 2024, marking a collaborative effort between the WCIT’s Education & Training Committee and the Careers Panel.

This year, the Festival was held in February rather than July in order to better align with secondary students’ timelines for making crucial decisions about their futures. During the 2-day event, the team engaged with approximately 300 students including those who challenged the notion that being a Youtuber or a Gamer was not a proper job. It’s our hope that these conversations will guide the young attendees in making informed decisions about any future courses and careers.

A special note of appreciation goes to Freemen Simon Perriton, Russell Macdonald, Alan Dainty, Sam Winterbottom, Ji Li, and prospective member Mark Flahant for dedicating their time and contributing to the success of this year’s Careers Festival. Additionally, heartfelt thanks to our exceptional Hall team and the Chairs of both the Education & Training Committee and Careers Panel for their invaluable support and assistance!