Storytelling for STEM Entrepreneurs

On 14th March the WCIT Hall was filled once again for a WCIT Entrepreneurship Panel event with guest speaker Liveryman Dave Robertson presenting a fascinating insight into the art and structure of storytelling. He very clearly :

  • Defined what stories are and explained how our brains have evolved to use stories to process information
  • Explained how effective storytelling can help the communication of ideas that are novel, abstract or esoteric, or a combination of all three
  • Provided a high-level framework for developing and delivering effective stories in a startup setting

Other take outs from Dave’s presentation:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

So said the sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke. Whilst not aimed at STEM entrepreneurs and innovators, this quote touches on a perennial challenge that we all face. Namely, presenting new concepts and discoveries to the world at large, in ways that overcome skepticism, confusion or resistance and foster understanding, acceptance and adoption.

Another writer, Stephen Fry, said that “using facts on someone who doesn’t have a shared understanding of the subject comes across as lecturing. The best approach to common understanding is to tell stories.” By utilising a well-constructed and well-delivered story, entrepreneurs can reveal the significance and value of their offer in ways that resonate with their audiences. Yet, few entrepreneurs are good storytellers. Storytelling is a skill that can be learned and, at the same time, it unlocks open dialogue with a range of key stakeholders, beneficial for us and our respective businesses.

Following the presentation and interesting Q&A’s, Members and Non-Members created a real buzz in the room over drinks and snacks during networking, which was testament to the excellent feedback received from all of the attendees. Tremendous insight, great clarity and sound advice, that captivated the audience. For those who attended we feel sure you now have the capability to be “EPIC” in your storytelling exploits !  For those who weren’t able to join us why not book below for our next event.

Thank you to Dave Robertson for the presentation and our attendees, for making this such a special event.  

Dave has kindly provided a handout document which can be viewed using this link