Congratulations to Freeman Ji Li for raising over £3,000 for the WCIT Charity in the London Marathon

Thank you everyone for your very generous donations to the WCIT Charity and your super kind support before and after the race! Even though my run was shy of my 3 hours 20 minutes target, together we managed to raise over £3,000 for the WCIT Charity.

So how was the marathon?

I started the race really well and executed the pace exactly as planned: the 5K mark at 23mins, 10K and halfway still on target. Then just as I thought it was going to be a new PB (personal best), both my calves started to cramp. Saltstick pills and gels didn’t help much, so I had to walk, jog, stretch almost every 10 or 20 steps for the second half. I crossed the finish line after 3hrs 42mins 48sec, ranking 14,077 out of approximately 50,000 runners.

After the finish line, in the runners only section, I found a quiet corner, shed a few tears, then washed them away by spilling water onto my face. Pretending to be Brad Pitt just out of the shower, I limped to a nearby Korean BBQ to join my wife and children. Had I been thinking about a cold beer during the painful moments? Oddly enough, not this time. My primary focus instead had been an inner push to complete the race and to not let anyone down.

Thank you again for your support, it means the world to me!

Ji Li

If you would like to celebrate Ji’s incredible achievement by donating to the WCIT Charity there is still time so please click on this link: WCIT Charity (