Military Affiliations

WCIT’s oldest affiliation, dating from 1992, is with the Royal Corps of Signals, the Army’s ICT specialists. Throughout the affiliation, the WCIT has recognised the technical skills and expertise of the Corps through the presentation of the WCIT Apprentice medal to the Information Services Apprentice of the Year and a salver to the Yeoman of Signals Course Presentation winners. Military skills are similarly recognised through the presentation of a cup to the Best Shot at the annual Gordon’s Cup event. Bringing these skills together, the annual Through Award is presented to the soldier or non-commissioned officer who has made an exceptional contribution to the provision of information services during operations. In addition to recognition through awards, the WCIT works actively to promote professional development through our Professional Horizons initiative and help those leaving the Corps with career transition events and mentoring. A number of new initiatives are being discussed, showing that our oldest affiliation is not only active but thriving and growing every year .

In 2017, WCIT affiliated with the Joint Forces Cyber Group (JFCG) – a partnership initiated by the WCIT’s Information Security Panel. With the Defence changes to JFCG in 2020, the affiliation changed to MoD Cyber incorporating two elements, Defence Digital and the National Cyber Force (NCF). Current focus is on developing the relationships and supporting the NCF as the lead defence organisation tasked with delivering the UK National Disability Strategy.

In 2020 we established an affiliation with HMS Collingwood, a shore station which is home to the Royal Navy’s Maritime Warfare School and is its largest training establishment. Most aspects of the training carried out relate directly or directly to the use of technology. As well as providing access to our membership of IT professionals, WCIT presents the annual Endeavour award to the best performing rating who has attended the WE200 LET Communications and Information Systems Specialist professional career course.

The Company maintains affiliations with two Cadet units: 46F Kensington Squadron Air Training Corps, and Beckenham and Penge Sea Cadets.

The Company’s Armed Forces Committee was created in 2020 to establish a focal point for coordination within and among the affiliates, harvesting and sharing good practice and strengthening our relationships.

WCIT was proud to affirm its committment to the Armed Forces by signing the Armed Forces Covenant July 2022.

MoD Cyber


Following the re-organisation of JFCG, the focus is on establishing new relationships under the banner of MoD Cyber. This will encompass establishing relationships with Defence Digital and the National Cyber Force (NCF), with Defence Digital acting as the geographical location for the relationship. A new Operational Plan is under discussion with the various parties involved.

Projects & activities

Whilst the core focus is on the development of the draft operational plan, a number of discrete activities have been started based on requests from MoD Cyber.

Current Activities

  • Establishing Cyber roles for the disabled in the MoD (NCF request). The NCF has been nominated as the MoD lead organisation for the implementation of the National Disability Strategy. The NCF has requested support from the WCIT to convene the appropriate charitable and other organisations to assist them in this endeavour.
  • Skills and Professional Recognition – StratCom has embarked upon identifying all the Cyber roles and skills requirements necessary for Defence. WCIT has been asked to support the development of these in line with the rest of the industry. The WCIT’s work with the new UK Cyber Security Council (UKCSC) will be utilised to assist in aligning the Defence Cyber roles and skills to those identified for the profession by the UKCSC.
  • Tradition – investigating links to Y Services Branch RBL for ‘Beyond Service’ activities.
  • Recruitment – permanent and reservists (University affiliations)

Future Activities

  • Identification and facilitation of activities for NCF disability strategy
  • Establishing a relationship between MoD Cyber and UKCSC on skills/qualifications and professional recognition
  • Establishing employment/mentoring activities including the use of RBL for Resettlement
  • Potential Livery membership for MoD Cyber personnel

HMS Collingwood


  • To establish a WCIT Collingwood team.
  • To establish regular planning and review sessions between the Collingwood team and WCIT.
  • To run joint events with Collingwood. 

Projects & activities

  • “Join the Navy” HMS Collingwood presentation of RN activities to the Company and guests.   
  • Regular bimonthly meeting between the Collingwood and WCI teams.
  • Attendance at the Collingwood Information Systems (CIS) Symposium Dinner and the Trafalgar Dinner (Pickle Night).
  • Collingwood team crew CITO at the Port of London Challenge 
  • WCIT attendance at the annual Collingwood prize giving 

Royal Corps of Signals

Current and future objectives of the affiliation are under review.

Projects & activities

  • A series of ‘out-reach’ meetings leading to the development of a discussion paper on the future of the affiliation.
  • The Professional Horizons Programme
  • Career Transition Workshops 

Cadet Unit Affiliations

The Company maintains affiliations with two Cadet units: 46F Kensington Squadron Air Training Corps, and Beckenham and Penge Sea Cadets. WCIT provides financial support to each unit as well as being able to offer pro bono help for any IT related projects and provide general careers advice. The cadets will often provide a Guard of Honour for our formal banquets.