Almost from their earliest times, the ancient guilds undertook responsibility for the education and training of young people. Training apprentices in the skills of their craft or trade was an important part of a Liveryman’s duties. Modern Livery companies actively promote apprenticeship schemes as the best way to provide thorough training, especially in the specialised technical skills which are in demand today. Livery companies have also long played a vital role in providing a fantastic education to so many through the founding and funding of a number of schools across the UK.

Information Technology (IT) can transform the learning process. We apply our skills to promote equal access to learning and to help educational organisations improve the learning experience. In particular, we focus on the two schools that we support, the disadvantaged and on promoting ICT best practice in schools. We aim to make the maximum impact by concentrating our efforts on a small number of high impact projects.

Hammersmith Academy

Hammersmith Academy is co-sponsored by the WCIT and the Mercer’s Company, it opened its doors in September 2011 with an intake of 120 Year 7 students and 120 Sixth Formers from the local area. The WCIT provides governors to this innovative school and has a major influence in shaping its specialist curriculum in digital media and technology, and in its general learning environment.

The Academy aims to nurture creative forces and develop a new generation of students, who may become technicians, artists, industry leaders, or simply people who are well informed on technology. For the latest information, visit

Lilian Baylis Technology School

We have also supported the Lilian Baylis Technology School in Kennington since October 2002. WCIT became involved when the school received a ‘failing’ Ofsted report. Roll on a few years and the school is now rated as ‘outstanding’ and has introduced a Sixth Form. WCIT provides a mentoring service for students and, in general, works to raise students’ aspirations by giving them insights into a wide range of business and professional careers and by signposting the academic requirements for them. For more information, visit

Dinners and debates

The WCIT sponsors a formal dinner and debate each year with the Sixth Formers from each school and members of the company. Enjoyable and interesting evenings, these help to stimulate discussion around contemporary topics.


WCIT hosts a number of year 9 students to lunch each year in the Hall. A selection of members meet with small groups of students to discuss subject choices and career opportunities in technology.

Career advice

Our Education and Training Committee and our Careers Panel both offer careers advice and conversation with pupils from each school.

Gresham College

Gresham College has been providing free public education across the arts and sciences since 1597 when Sir Thomas Gresham’s executors founded the college to bring the ‘new learning’ to Londoners, in English rather than Latin (the language of universities for most of Europe at that time).  It was the first Institute of Higher Education in London.  The original seven Professorships reflected traditional subjects and also Thomas Gresham’s desire to bring the new, scientific thinking of continental Europe to England. Thus the original Chairs were in Divinity, Astronomy, Geometry and Music, all nominated by the City of London Corporation; and Law, Physic and Rhetoric, nominated by the Mercers’ Company.   Today  Gresham College live streams lectures online and delivers them to physical audiences in London, plus there are more than 3,000 past lectures freely available on the college’s website.   

In 2015, the IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology Chair was created, thanks to sponsorship by the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.   The present incumbent is Liveryman Dr Victoria Baines, a leading authority in the field of online trust, safety and cybersecurity.  Her lectures are available here.