13th GROWTH TECH – Sports Technology

23rd November 2021 from 5:00pm — 6:30pm • Online

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“Sports have always been the ultimate unifier — transcending geographic borders, rising above partisan politics and enabling multiple audiences (and generations) to find alignment — the little-known secret behind this global unifier? Technology.” (TechCrunch)….

The global Sports Tech market is projected to grow from $17.9 billion in 2021 to $40.2 billion by 2026 and the ecosystem is awash with early-stage companies and entrepreneurs offering a panoply of innovative solutions…but what will be adopted and which will be the winners?

Growth Tech events provide a platform to discuss and debate the opportunities and/or concerns confronting IT companies in the near-term. GT13 gives a taste of the variety of ways in which technology is dramatically impacting the Sports sector.



Discussion will be driven from an IT perspective, led by four business leaders with diverse industry experience.

COVID gave us empty stadia, closed facilities and a postponed Olympics but, with necessity being the mother of invention, incumbent and entrepreneurial businesses alike have risen to the challenge and accelerated the already exponential advance of Sports Tech.

“…sometimes we all need a jolt that makes us push the technological boundaries”. (Alastair Waddington ITN Director of Sport Sept 2020 – GT13 Keynote speaker).

Investor interest, already significant, is growing and spans a wide array of areas including media and content-related platforms, esports, measurement platforms for data, analytics and biometrics, athlete tech and performance optimisation, in-venue technology and home fitness.

“The sports market has the opportunity to be a multitrillion- dollar ecosystem with technological advances which will fuel new market and social behaviour. As the infusion of deep tech continues in smart venue, gambling, performance biometrics and many more sub verticals where data is the engine, we’ll naturally see more and more deep tech investors entering the sports investment landscape.” (Gayatri Sarkar, MD Hype Capital).

“Sports tech is going to continue to grow and become more relevant because technology is the future of sports and is constantly evolving and fuelling more solutions that change how we practice and compete; solutions that change how we understand and consume sports. However, it’s important to emphasise that technology is not only shaping the future of sports but also creating new types of sports.” (Christoph Sonnen, CEO leAD Sports & HealthTech Partners)

Our fabulous speakers will share their passion, views and insights followed by audience Q&A.



Alastair Waddington, ITN Director of Sports
Alastair has more than 30 years’ senior experience in global sports and broadcasting and has worked on many of the world’s leading events including Olympic Games, Paralympics, World Cups and Ryder Cups. He has supported investors, digital businesses and charities. He spent 15 years at IMG where he ran the world’s largest independent production business. Now at ITN, he leads their production joint venture with World Athletics.


Jeff Zaltman, CEO Air Race E

An air racer himself, Jeff has a proven track record in bringing the excitement of the sport to the masses and is widely recognised as the world’s leading promoter. At Air Race E, he’s pioneering electric air racing which he hopes will feed into e-Mobility development and the electrification of aeroplanes. Jeff sits on the Environmental Commission of the FAI.


Justin Paige, CEO Edge10 Group

Ex-lawyer Justin is an entrepreneur with a background in sports marketing and management. Edge10 is a SaaS business merging the world’s leading performance, analytics and electronic medical records systems to create a solution that is used by top sports franchises, e.g. Premier League, NHL, ATP and NBA. Edge10 won the Sports Tech Award for Best use of Technology by Clubs.


Mike Mortimer, CEO Podium Zone

A design engineer and lover of action sports, including mountain biking and snowboarding, Mike was frustrated with the experience offered by typical parks. He took the plunge to create Podium Zone in 2018, developing a Hub/App that connects action sports communities, finds venues/events, entirely digitises access to parks and offers a gamification component for progress and performance measurement.

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