CANCELLED – Entrepreneurs’ Panel: 14th GROWTH TECH – AI Technology

28th June 2022 from 5:00pm — 6:30pm • WCIT Hall + Zoom

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Artificial Intelligence is drastically important to our future. Through AI, computers can harness massive amounts of data and use their learned intelligence to make optimal decisions and discoveries in a fraction of the time it would take humans. It is becoming responsible for everything: from medical breakthroughs in cancer research to cutting-edge climate change forecasts. Today, we find AI in our smart devices, cars, healthcare system and favorite apps and we will continue to see its influence permeate deeper into many other industries for the foreseeable future.

But where will it go next and what are the technological and ethical implications for us all?

Growth Tech events provide a platform to discuss and debate the opportunities and/or concerns confronting IT companies in the near-term. GT14 gives a taste of the variety of ways in which AI may impact our lives in the coming years.



Discussion will be driven from an IT perspective, led by four business leaders with diverse experiences.

“Everything we love about civilisation is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilisation flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.“ Max Tegmark, President of the Future of Life Institute

In January 2022, McKinsey published their fourth annual survey into AI. The findings note the adoption of AI continues to build; a full embrace of best practices is critical to high performance; and that risk management remains complicated and challenging. However, this survey was the first time machine-learning operations (“commercial AI”) and cloud technologies emerged as critical differentiators.

Bernard Marr, writing for Forbes earlier this year, believes the most likely areas for change in the near-term include:


The augmented workforce

Bigger and better language modelling

AI in cybersecurity

Low-code, No-code used in AI


The full scale of the impact that giving machines the ability to make decisions – and so enable decision-making to take place far more quickly and accurately than could ever be done by humans – is very difficult to conceive right now. However, what we can be certain of is that, during 2022, breakthroughs and new developments will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our fabulous speakers will share their passion, views and insights followed by audience Q&A.





Charles Radclyffe, Founder EthicsGrade

Charles is the former Head of Technology at Deutsche Bank Labs in London and Head of AI at Fidelity International. He is currently a Forbes contributing writer. In early 2020 he co-founded an ESG Ratings agency, EthicsGrade, which evaluates the maturity of corporate digital responsibility at some of the world’s most well-known brands.


Tony Fish, Technology and AI specialist

Tony is a serial tech entrepreneur and today is focused on data, innovation, digital trends and early-stage growth. He has published three books and is visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for entrepreneurship and innovation. He teaches at London Business School and the London School of Economics in AI and Ethics and is an EC expert for Big Data.


Piers Holden, Data Scientist BASF

Piers has spent his career building tools and systems that monitor and predict agricultural crop production. With experience in roles spanning finance and technology, Piers brings a unique perspective into the deployment of AI in this domain. Piers joined BASF Digital Farming GmbH in 2021 where he works with remote-sensed imagery to optimise food production decisions.


Henry Fairpo, Castaing

Henry was Chief Strategy Officer for Humley, which built a conversational AI platform used to power helpdesks, customer service and even procurement systems. He now works with Upstart, a consultancy using AI to transform the quality of the decisions made by human business leaders on which we all rely, and which is deploying AI to bring experts and information seekers together supporting better corporate decision making.


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