Entrepreneurship Panel Event – Storytelling for STEM Entrepreneurs

14th March 2024 from 6:00pm — 8:00pm • Information Technologists' Hall

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About this event

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. So said the sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke.

Whilst not aimed at STEM entrepreneurs and innovators, this quote touches on a perennial challenge that we all face. Namely, presenting new concepts and discoveries to the world at large, in ways that overcome skepticism, confusion or resistance and foster understanding, acceptance and adoption.

Another writer, Stephen Fry, said that “using facts on someone who doesn’t have a shared understanding of the subject comes across as lecturing. The best approach to common understanding is to tell stories.” By utilising a well-constructed and well-delivered story, entrepreneurs can reveal the significance and value of their offer in ways that resonate with their audiences. Yet, few entrepreneurs are good storytellers.

Storytelling is a skill that can be learned and, at the same time, it unlocks open dialogue with a range of key stakeholders, beneficial for us and our respective businesses.

The goals of the presentation and interactive discussion will be to:

· Define what stories are and explain how our brains have evolved to use stories to process information

· Explain how effective storytelling can help the communication of ideas that are novel, abstract or esoteric – or a combination of all three

· Provide a high-level framework for developing and delivering effective stories in a startup setting

As an Entrepreneur leading your business, we believe this is an opportunity for you to consider how to maximise your own life skills by honing your storytelling capability, from an expert in the field !


The discussion will begin with a presentation from WCIT Liveryman Dave Roberston. He will be highlighting the key issues, how his own and the experience of others can offer some direction, guidance and insights into the key issues, offered by this unique perspective

The evening will allow you the opportunity to actively take part in the open forum during the presentation and consider how you may be able to utilise this innovative life skill being proposed.


Dave Robertson has been active in IT for over 35 years. Originally a software developer, a knack for explaining technical concepts to users led him into a career in product marketing and product management. He has spent the majority of his career in executive positions helping to bring new software products to market. He has built and run sales and marketing organisations in the US, Europe and Asia.

For the past 10 years, Dave has been an improv comedy performer and coach and founded and directed The Free Radicals, an improv troupe that gives a platform for STEM experts to inform and educate in an entertaining way. In 2023,Dave co-founded Novella Solutions, an agency dedicated to storytelling for STEM professionals and businesses.

Cost £15 to include refreshments.

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