Entrepreneurship Panel: Growth Tech Event – “Seamless” Successful B2B Marketing, Selling and Account Management

26th September 2023 from 6:30pm — 8:00pm • Information Technologists' Hall

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The role of marketing and sales has changed. Marketing is now seen as the core entity managing the customer experience, while sales is the centre of customer relationship management. The conventions of work involve less office-based time and completely flexible working hours. Marketing and sales have had to quickly adapt to virtual selling, digital and automated marketing, the dominance of social media for communication, and dramatically different phases of decline, growth, and development in every industry segment.

But some things remain constant: the need for strong, consistent branding and strategic thinking; the focus on business insight into the needs of the customer and their buying process; and the essential collaboration between the two vital business functions of marketing and sales.

Effective marketing and sales execution comes from a jointly well-understood effort to find the right market and buyer, position your product and company competitively, communicate that to the customer well, sell them the right solution, and develop a long-term, profitable customer relationship. Then everyone wins !

As an Entrepreneur leading your business, we believe this is an opportunity for you to consider how to maximise your own sales and marketing processes, to leverage a “Seamless” approach to your success.

Guest speaker

Peter Bayley has been a freeman of the WCIT for twenty years and is a writer, published author and business commentator.

His career includes unique, long-term achievements in brand-building and marketing for global IT businesses, including Compaq, Commodore, Lotus, 3-Com, and Wall Data. A highly successful high-tech sales management career preceded his many years in marketing. He has extensive entrepreneurial and broad consulting experience for both small and large companies, based in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

An experienced public speaker, he has presented business strategy, new products, technology concepts, and business training courses to a wide variety of global audiences.

The discussion

The discussion will begin with a presentation from Peter highlighting the key issues, and how his own and the experience of others can offer some direction, guidance and insights into developing a successful B2B marketing and sales process.

The evening will allow you the opportunity to take part in the open forum following the presentation and consider how you may be able to utilise the approach being proposed.


£12 (inc VAT). Refreshments will be provided. Any surplus will be donated to the WCIT Charity.