Events’ Panel: Urban Astronomy: glimpses of deep space from a rooftop in Chiswick

22nd March 2023 from 6:00pm — 7:00pm • Zoom

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Simon Addis has been a computer scientist for over 30 years and is a keen astronomical photographer. From his rooftop telescope next to the A4 in Chiswick, he has captured some truly remarkable photographs of deep space, some of which have appeared on NASA’s coveted ‘Astronomical Picture of the Day’ spot.

In this talk, Simon will show how he achieves his breathtaking pictures from his home-built observatory and how IT helps him to do this. We’ll see some of his favourite images and talk us through how he decides what to photograph and the planning needed to get results. He will also share tips for wannabe urban astronomers on how to get started, where to go for support, and to see more than you thought was possible.

The event is free to attend.

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