Government Panel Event – Digital Soldier

27th October 2021 from 6:00pm — 7:30pm • Online

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Technology – digitization in particular – apparently created a new paradigm of warfare, with governments able to focus force from ‘over the horizon’, reducing the need for ‘boots on the ground’.

Yet military operations in Syria, the Arabian Gulf, and most recently in Afghanistan, have had mixed outcomes, calling into question not only the UK’s ability to project force effectively, but also the wider utility of war. It’s clear that there have been some poor decisions.

What should we learn from this?

Set against this context, Mark Overton and Will Buckley will explain how the MOD’s digitization strategy is intended to improve the quality and timeliness of politico-military decision-making.

Will frames the context of defence in a competitive age, Multi-Domain Warfare (MDW) and Integration (MDI); and then discusses the land environment, the soldier as a system and military culture.

Marc describes the MOD’s Digital Strategy and programme; Project THEIA – the Digital Transformation of the British Army; and presents some observations from industry.

There is then scope for some final thoughts, questions and answers.

There is no charge, but we encourage you to donate to the WCIT Charity here. Zoom connection details can be found in your confirmation email.