Government Panel: Round table discussion “The challenge of optimising Local Government communications to its stakeholders and community in the digital age”

11th May 2022 from 6:00pm — 9:00pm • WCIT Hall

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“The challenge of optimising Local Government communications to its stakeholders and community in the digital age.”

Local authorities are bound by statute. Their functions are set out in numerous Acts of Parliament and many of these functions have associated legal duties that demand clear and timely communication to their many stakeholders. The drive to improve communications often stems from challenges the local authority is facing as an organisation, which typically can include:


• Improving operational efficiency – to drive down costs

• Adapting to stakeholder needs – ensuring ad-hoc and system-driven communications can adapt to citizen preferences and accessibility needs intuitively.

• IT resource limitations – IT resources are often overstretched. Finding ways of simplifying technology, so that end users do not need to rely on IT to make changes and adjustments, is crucial to relieve this pressure.

• Brand and regulatory compliance – giving staff more opportunities to interact with and send communications to citizens increases the risk of miscommunication, so organisations need to ensure consistency of brand and content and that there is full authorisation, approval and audit control across communications and delivery channels.

• Limited communications channels and accessibility – despite the promise of digital transformation, many local authorities still rely on printed mail to communicate with people.

Accessible communications for people with different and varying needs when it comes to reading them has also proven difficult to manage.

• Cultural resistance – is one of the main obstacles to change in business process. People are comfortable with the familiarity of existing ways of working, even though those ways might not be the best for the organisation.

So how do we overcome these and other challenges to fully take advantage of what the digital age can provide to support local government communications?


Opening Speakers

• Zakki Ghauri – Director of information Technology at London Borough of Redbridge

• Guy Millward – Leading Change Management of Torbay Council’s Multi Channel Output Programme

• Tom Denman – Digital Innovation, Security and Behavioural Insights Adviser at Local Government Association.

Fourth speaker to be confirmed.



The audience will be professionals from across Local Government and those associated or with an interest in Local Government digital initiatives and best practice.



6.00 pm – Panel Chair welcomes and introduces panel members

6.15 pm – Each panel member will have 10 minutes to give their perspectives on the subject

7.00 pm – Questions and discussions from the floor coordinated by Chair

7.30 – 8.45pm Reception and networking


Outputs from the session will be captured and circulated to those who attend.


Informal discussions will continue over drinks and nibbles provided by Sefas and NetscanUK after the formal session has finished.

There will be no charge thanks to our sponsor. However, donations to the WCIT Charity will be much appreciated.