Growth Tech: The Economics of Diversity *postponed*

16th May 2023 from 6:00pm — 7:30pm • Information Technologists' Hall

Please note that bookings are now closed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed.  The new date will be announced in due course. 


A presentation and discussion with Diverse and Equal, hosted by the WCIT Entrepreneurship Panel and the Equality Committee

Diverse and Equal was founded by Annette Joseph MBE. Technology for Good advocate & Entrepreneur.

“Creating space to explore the inequalities in Technology so we can build better… more inclusive, more sustainable, more innovative products and services”

Diverse & Equal’s multi-strand focus equips adults from under-represented groups with the necessary skills for careers in tech, through DiverseTech’s Taster sessions and bootcamps. With the bootcamp now on cohort 3, there is a growing list of career-changers from minoritised backgrounds demonstrating excellence in their new roles. Diverse & Equal also leads research, initiatives and support that empower organisations to create inclusive environments where diverse talent can thrive and the economic and business benefits of diversity can be fully realised.

Inclusive tech breeds innovation, the economic benefits are clear to see; did you know that a global study by McKinsey and Co found that companies that employ a diverse range of people

• see 21% higher profits,

• come to better decisions 50% quicker and

• retain more employees than those who don’t?

• When ethnic diversity is added to the mix, those profits increase to 33% higher than those in the lowest percentile.


The Discussion

Annette will present the economic and ethical benefits of a diverse workforce. It’s important that organisations realise the importance of this issue and not just frame it as ethics. If you’re looking to power digital transformation, broaden awareness of the benefits of diversity and gain the knowledge and tools to champion greater innovation, productivity and profitability through inclusion in your organisation — this presentation and discussion is for you.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss this broad ranging topic.


Guest speaker: Annette Joseph MBE

Diverse & Equal Founder/CEO, Annette Joseph MBE, is an award winning Agile Coach who is striving to improve innovation in tech by increasing the number of talented Black people and diverse backgrounds in the industry. Diverse & Equal has a multi-strand focus: equipping talented adults from under-represented backgrounds with crucial tech skills, where diverse talent can thrive and the business benefits of diversity can be realised.

Tickets: £12 (inc VAT). Refreshments will be provided. Any surplus will be donated to the WCIT Charity.