Talking Tuesdays: London from the top of a bus

1st June 2021 from 6:15pm — 7:45pm • Zoom

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Members (and guests) are invited to travel on an iconic London red bus for a ‘virtual’ photographic tour of some interesting and unusual buildings and sculptures in the cities of London and Westminster.

“Travel” along with us as “Conductor” Professor Martin Collins “Zooms” us along and shows us his personal selection, peppered with interesting anecdotes, of unusual and little-known sights along the routes of four London buses (15, 19, 25, 88).


  • What building close to Trafalgar Square has two pharaohs on its front?
  • Where in the City is there a maypole?
  • What marks where the last wolf in the city was allegedly slain?
  • Which building in Regent Street has on its front a Venetian mosaic?
  • Which two queens are depicted in statues in Fleet Street?
  • What London pub is still a licenced brothel?
  • What do the figures on the pediments of the Mansion House and Royal Exchange represent?
  • The statues of which two soldiers have been criticised for being poorly dressed?
  • Which two buildings in Westminster/ the City have busts of King Charles I?
  • …….and so much more!

The cost is £12 which includes a £5 donation to the WCIT Charity.

Please have refreshments to hand so that you can enjoy this open top ride through the streets of London from the comfort of your own home!