The Government Panel – “Using GenAI to unlock Government open data”

7th May 2024 from 6:00pm — 8:00pm • Information Technologists' Hall

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Have you had a good or bad experience of using GenAI?

Is GenAI a threat or an opportunity?

To find out more about GenAI in respect of Government open data and to add your contribution, come and join us on 7 May

During the presentation we will introduce an innovative project that harnesses generative AI to enhance transparency in Government data: the MP Interests Tracker.

Developed by a joint team from The Times and the BBC, the tool was designed to navigate the complexities of The Register of Members’ Financial Interests, dealing with the inherent unstructured nature of its data. The novelty of the approach involved using Generative AI techniques and models to extract entities from the text, for the purpose of data mining and analytics.

This tool and the broader approach used, represents a cheaper, easier way of using Machine Learning to extract structured information from large corpus of text, without the need to train models or label data. This lowers the cost for journalists, data journalists and NGOs to analyse and unlock “open” data, allowing it to be questioned, increasing accountability.

Our speaker will be Juan Ginzo who has been involved in the development of the tool as part of the JournalismAI Fellowship at London School of Economics. Juan is an AI & Data Science Manager at NewsUK (owner of The Times) and he has a decade of experience in the field of AI and Machine Learning.

After his presentation, the session will be opened up to questions, answers and discussion.

Informal discussions will continue over drinks and nibbles after the formal session has finished.

There will be a small charge of £12 inc vat to cover the costs of the refreshments.