Tri-Livery Event: Humanity x Technology – How is technology shaping humanity in the digital age?

5th September 2023 from 6:30pm — 9:30pm • Stationers’ Hall

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The Tri-Livery Digital Media Group from the Companies of Stationers, Marketors and Information Technologists presents: How is technology shaping humanity in the digital age?

Digital technology affects almost every aspect of modern life – from shopping to sport, gaming to education, how we think to how we feel. Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, 5G, and cloud storage continually enable an avalanche of new products and services, many of which we welcome and rely on, and others which raise concerns. As we learn to live with these ubiquitous technologies, it leads us to question where the boundaries between people and digital technologies lie. How much do they shape how we think, feel and act?

Our panel of experts will unpack these questions from the perspectives of identity and governance, human physiology and psychology and the impact on society. We’ll find out how we think and behave has changed, what identity means in the real world and the metaverse, how digital products are designed to be invaluable and how the law is catching up.

Victoria Baines, Profesor of IT at Gresham College. Her current series of lectures is focused on Humanising Cyberspace and putting citizens back at the heart of IT policy. For several years Victoria was Facebook’s Trust & Safety Manager for EMEA. Prior to this, Victoria led the Strategy team at Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), where she was responsible for the EU’s cyber threat analysis, and the ground-breaking cybersecurity futures exercise, Project 2020.

Simon Barratt began programming at age 6 and joined the gaming industry in 1999. He founded Four Door Lemon (2005-2015), developing 50+ games, including pioneering AR titles. In 2016, Simon co-founded Cooperative Innovations, a studio specializing in multi-user virtual world technologies and experiences like Spaceteam VR. They also launched Curatours, a metaverse for Arts, Culture, and Heritage.

James Butcher has over 15 years of experience at Microsoft. He is the current XBox Business Lead for Northern Europe. In previous roles, James served as a Senior Consumer Audience GTM Lead, overseeing GTM strategy and planning for Microsoft Online Consumer services, including Bing, MSN, Internet Explorer, OneDrive,, and Skype.

Chaired by Nic Newman, Senior Research Fellow at the Returers Institute for the Study of Journalism where he is author of the annual Digital News Report, the world’s largest on-going study of consumer behaviour around news.

Join us at Stationers’ Hall for a lively discussion and networking over drinks and a buffet.

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Dress code: Relaxed Business Attire