Virtual Visit to the Mobile Phone Museum

22nd February 2022 from 6:00pm — 7:30pm • Zoom

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Join the Events’ Panel on Tuesday 22 February for a guided tour of the Mobile Phone Museum.

About the Museum

The Mobile Phone Museum project was launched as a not-for-profit entity in 2020. It was conceived to safeguard an important collection of mobile technology heritage and preserve it for the future.

The collection currently has over 2,200 individual models and comprises more than 200 different brands. There are over 4,500 devices in total when duplicates are included.

When a device is donated, it is catalogued, labelled, photographed and moved to a secure storage facility. The flow of new devices continues on an almost daily basis. Each donor is recognised on the website.

The Mobile Phone Museum is particularly keen to help young people better understand mobile phone history, how the technology works and how to stay safe when using mobile phones.

About the Virtual Tour

The Mobile Phone Museum project was conceived by Ben Wood in 2004. We are therefore truly fortunate that Ben has kindly agreed to be our guide for a virtual tour on the evening of Tuesday 22nd February. Since the museum currently does not have a permanent home and Covid has prevented the museum displaying its collection temporarily in other locations, this tour is a rare opportunity to see some of the museum’s prize exhibits.

We have arranged a tour that will last approximately 1½ hours where Ben will select some of the most prized mobile phones in the collection and share his insights on them. The session will include time for questions.


A suggested charity donation of £20 which will be split between the Museum Charity and the WCIT Charity. Since the tour is virtual, you may have as many people in front of your screen as you wish, but an additional donation for additional people would be welcomed.