Visit to the Charterhouse

2nd May 2024 from 2:30pm — 5:30pm • The Charterhouse, Charterhouse Square, Barbican, London EC1M 6AN

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The Events Panel invite you to join them on a visit to the Charterhouse. The cost is £25.00 (inc VAT), covering entry and a tour of the Charterhouse, along with a drink at the Sutton Arms. The surplus will go to the Charity.  All are welcome!

About the Charterhouse

Situated 275 yards from Information Technologists’ Hall lies the Charterhouse, a former Carthusian monastery in London.  Since the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century the site has served as a private mansion, a boys’ school and an almshouse, which it remains to this day.  By the time the Charterhouse was founded, early in the seventeenth century, there were already nearly 60 Livery Companies in existence.

Today the mission of the Charterhouse is to provide a home, a community and lifelong care for older people in need.  Residents of the Almshouse are known as ‘Brothers’, which is a purely traditional term acknowledging the Charterhouse’s monastic past.  The building is formally known as Sutton’s Hospital in Charterhouse, and is a registered charity.


About the Tour

The afternoon will start in the Museum itself, which was curated in partnership with the Museum of London, where we will meet at 2:30pm for 3:00pm.  We will discover the dramatic story of Charterhouse in a private tour of the Charterhouse.  The tour itself will commence at 3:00pm. and will end in the Chapel 60 minutes later.  There is plenty to see both in the Museum and the Chapel above and beyond what is included on the tour.

After spending a little time in the Chapel once the formal tour ends, we will leave the Charterhouse which closes at 4:30 p.m. and will go to the nearby Sutton Arms for a drink.  Those who wish to do so, can also attend the WCIT’s informal ‘First Thursday’ event at Information Technologists’ Hall from 6:00pm.   Please note that a separate booking is required to attend First Thursday.