POSTPONED – Technology Panel: “CRM is Where Data Goes to Die: The Great Customer Reset”

4th May 2022 from 5:00pm — 8:00pm • WCIT Hall

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The new date will be published in due course!
WCIT Technology Panel presents an interactive, hands-on tech demonstration:
“CRM is Where Data Goes to Die: The Great Customer Reset”
with Jamie Smith, Evernym Avast
Bring your own mobile device* because during this hands-on and interactive session, we’ll explore how Self-Sovereign Identity technologies can practically address customer experience challenges:
• Peer-to-Peer: How can you be sure that the individual you’re transacting with is who they claim to be?
• Business to Consumer: How verifiable credentials can prove that the organisation you’re interacting with is genuine
• Reducing the oversharing of data: Using Zero Knowledge Proofs to prove, for example, that you earn above a threshold without sharing your actual salary
• Permit digital agents to act on my behalf
• Provide consumer choice through adherence to open standards
* (iPhone 6 and above; Android 6 which means around 2015)

Cost: £10 inc VAT. Dress: Business Attire.

Drinks and nibbles provided