Membership FAQs

If you have any queries regarding membership of the WCIT, please email our Assistant Clerk for further information.

Members of the Company usually join as a Freeman.  This allows you to participate in the Company’s events and activities.

Every year the Livery Committee will recommend a number of Freemen for elevation to the Livery.  This is open to those Freemen who have been with the Company for 3-5 years and who have demonstrated their commitment to the Company’s core values of giving back to society.  These Freemen are clothed with the Livery at the annual Installation Service held in St Bartholomew the Great.  As a Liveryman you are then entitled to vote in the annual election of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London.  Liverymen are also eligible to serve on Court, the governing body of the Company, and possibly to progress to the office of Master.   

WCIT also invites applications from professionals at the start of their careers to our Journeyman level of membership. To find out more about this please contact the Assistant to the Clerk. 

Whilst you may meet members whose business interests are closely aligned with your own, WCIT is not a forum through which to promote your business.  Instead, the ethos of the Company focuses on what you can give back to society.  As you would expect, there are strict guidelines around the use of the Company’s name and it is presumed that you will not use your membership of WCIT to promote your business to other external parties.       

Membership of the Company is seen as a lifetime commitment.  However, it is understood that an individual’s ability to commit to the Company’s activities will vary depending on their personal circumstances. It is desirable to attend a mixture of the informal and formal events throughout the year but there is no expectation that you should attend everything.  

The increase in ‘virtual’ events means that those members who live outside London are more able to participate in the many activities the Company has to offer.    

A one-off ‘fine’ is payable upon becoming a Journeyman, Freeman and Liveryman of the Company.  In addition, there is an annual fee for each category of membership.  Current rates are available from the Assistant to the Clerk.

We encourage anyone interested in membership to join as many of our events and meetings as possible in order to get to know us.  This will also allow you opportunities to meet existing members who would be willing to sponsor your application.  You must have known your proposer and seconder for a year before you can attend an interview with our Membership Committee. 

Our events are advertised on our website and via LinkedIn and Twitter.  Our Panels and Committees are also pleased to welcome prospective members to their meetings.  Please contact the Assistant to the Clerk who will help you with further arrangements.

WCIT holds up to seven formal events each year including the Installation Dinner, our New Freemen’s Dinner and the Summer Banquet as well as a number of Business Lunches.  Held in the splendid surroundings of one of the City’s Livery Halls, these incorporate the many traditions of the City of London including the Loving Cup, Sung Grace, the Rose Water ceremony and many more.   As a member, you can purchase tickets for you and a guest to attend these events together. 

We also hold a number of informal events ranging from lectures, visits to places of interest, quiz nights and ‘First Thursday’, our monthly informal drinks reception at Guildhall.

WCIT prides itself on the range of special interest groups (known as Panels) which are run by our members.  These provide a forum for members to discuss topical issues across a broad range of areas including Information Security, Entrepreneurship, IT and Climate Change, and Financial Services.  

The WCIT Charity is responsible for the charitable activities of the WCIT and seeks to use the power of IT to change lives for the better.  Members are invited to support the Charity’s continuous committed giving scheme by giving a regular financial donation.  The Charity’s Charitable Operations Committee meets quarterly to review funding applications received from a wide range of non-profit organisations, all seeking to use IT in their work.     

Members are also encouraged to offer their pro bono IT skills to support WCIT’s charitable work.  Co-ordinated by our Projects and Pro Bono Panel, there are opportunities to work with a wide range of organisations, many of whom struggle to understand the IT options available to them.   

Livery companies trace their roots back to the medieval guilds who were responsible for the protection and promotion of their individual trades in the City of London.  Today, Livery companies support the governance of the City of London through the annual election of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs.  WCIT is part of the Financial Services Group of Livery companies, working with the Lord Mayor to promote London as a global financial centre.   

The Freedom of the City of London can be gained through membership of a Livery company or by direct application supported by a suitably qualified proposer and seconder.  When you have received the Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, you are required to obtain the Freedom of the City of London before you can become a Liveryman. 

Fun Fact – Honorary Freedom of the City of London is a recognition of lifetime achievement or high international standing. The most famous Honorary Freeman of the City in recent times was Captain Sir Thomas Moore who raised over £29 million for the NHS and received his Freedom of the City in a virtual ceremony in May 2020. 

WCIT is not a political organisation although we may seek to interact with Government on significant issues impacting the IT industry.  WCIT is proud to consider itself a socially responsible Livery company and our Social Value Leadership initiative provides a forum for IT companies to debate best practice for ethical, social and governance (ESG) factors across the IT industry.      

WCIT is not a professional organisation.  However, many of our members are also members of TechUKBCS and the IoD.  We have close affiliations with each of these organisations.