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The Worshipful Company of Technologists (WCIT) is the 100th City of London Livery Company, founded in 1992 to reflect the growing importance of IT to London and to the UK as a whole, and to provide a philanthropic, charitable and social responsibility focus for the Tech sector.

Since WCIT was founded, our enduring core values are fellowship, honesty, integrity and charity. We aim to be open and welcoming, promoting an inclusive atmosphere and culture. We want our members, potential members and guests to feel comfortable, valued and included in all of our activities.

We also believe that in order to continue to be relevant, our membership should reflect the diverse nature of our industry, the City, and UK society.

Our Purpose

WCIT is a place where like-minded people can find reward and enjoyment, working positively for the common good, through four ‘pillars’ of activity:

Philanthropy & Charity


Industry, Trade & Commerce


Our Membership?

We have over 750 members, aged between 24 and 90, active in the broad tech sector, covering start-ups, scale-ups, global companies, public sector, academic institutions and the professions. Living and working across the UK and around the world, many have a link or connection with the City of London.

We are inclusive and welcome applications from men and women, those from diverse and minority backgrounds, and people with disabilities. Typically, our members are drawn from the following groups:

Why you should join WCIT

  1. You want to direct and focus your philanthropic, charitable & volunteering activities, where you can give selflessly of your time, talent and resources, within our neutral ‘Third Sector’, where conversation and action is focused on doing good for others.
  2. You recognise that membership reflects your own high standards of personal, professional and ethical behaviour and you are willing to make a lifetime commitment to engage.
  3. You enjoy the delightful intersection of the traditional with the new, joining a Modern Livery Company that has a Hall, an endowment, a Royal Charter, a Thames Cutter, a school, and which fully embraces social and other online media and organises unique formal and informal events for entertaining family, clients and guests in some of the finest venues in London.
  4. You appreciate being able to collaborate with your peers in a wide range of panels, projects & groups, supporting and promoting careers in IT through our projects and affiliations while making new friends.
  5. You relish the opportunity to become a Freeman of the City of London, a Liveryman of the Company, and to participate in the Civic City of London.

Some reasons why WCIT might not be for you

  1. Giving your talent, time and money to benefit others is not part of your life
  2. You have no time to attend at least one formal event or Panel meeting every year
  3. You have no desire for an understanding of and empathy for the City and its traditions
  4. Attending the occasional traditional formal event is not your style
  5. You do not consider yourself to be connected or interested in the Civic City of London

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