What levels of membership are there?

Members of the Company usually join as a Freeman.  This allows you to participate in the Company’s events and activities.

Every year the Livery Committee will recommend a number of Freemen for elevation to the Livery.  This is open to those Freemen who have been with the Company for 3-5 years and who have demonstrated their commitment to the Company’s core values of giving back to society.  These Freemen are clothed with the Livery at the annual Installation Service held in St Bartholomew the Great.  As a Liveryman you are then entitled to vote in the annual election of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London.  Liverymen are also eligible to serve on Court, the governing body of the Company, and possibly to progress to the office of Master.   

WCIT also invites applications from professionals at the start of their careers to our Journeyman level of membership. To find out more about this please contact the Assistant to the Clerk.