Careers Panel

The Careers Panel provides support and assistance to ITC members, military personnel, and school leavers from the Lillian Baylis Technology School (LBTS) and the Hammersmith Academy who are in need of employment advice, guidance or direction in planning their next steps. In addition it has assisted organisations such as Thames Reach with their clients who are looking to re-enter the workforce after long periods of unemployment. All of this work allows the Panel to make a significant impact in the lives of a variety of people looking for guidance regarding a career in IT.

To help with this need, the Panel offers an individualised coaching service from a number of experienced Industry Professionals who know how to take advantage of today’s job climate. In addition the Careers Panel runs a very successful Schools Day which brings together A-level and BTEC students from LBTS with Panel members to discuss life after school, what to expect at university and/or in the job market, and regales them with a few tales of our experiences starting out in the world. The Panel also organises a number of lively events at which members and guests are invited to attend to hear speakers on a diverse range of subjects, such as Non-Executive Directorships, Social Media and Employment, and personal suitability for different career roles.

The Panel warmly welcomes any member of the Company who wishes to become involved and is particularly interested in increasing our contingent of new Freemen. .

The Panel also runs a number of other initiatives:

  • Moving from Employment to Retirement
  • Showcasing the IT industry to the schools
  • IT4Employers
  • Work experience for pupils of the Hammersmith Academy and Lillian Baylis
  • Breakfast Briefings & Brown Bag Lunches on a wide variety of subjects