CITO Panel (Barge)

Cito panel has its genesis in the Recreation and Leisure Panel (now the Pro Bono Panel) who, in 2006, decided it would acquire a Thames Waterman’s Cutter as the Company Barge. This was in keeping with a tradition of Barge ownership dating back to times when the principal and safest means of transportation in London was by the river. The Barge in those times would have been used to carry the Master and the Clerk along with other members of the Court about its business. It would have also been used to represent the Company at ceremonial occasions such as the Lord Mayor’s show which up until 1856 took place on the River Thames.

The Panel now manages and maintains the Barge and participates in a number of ceremonial events and races throughout the year to raise funds for the Company. The Cutter is kept at Greenwich Yacht Club with which the Panel has developed a close association. The Panel organises rowing sessions on the River which are open for Company members to participate. In 2013 the Panel was happy to welcome the members of the WCIT Yacht Club and will be looking through its relationship with Greenwich Yacht Club to provide events and activities to those with an aquatic disposition.