City Interest Working Group

The City Interest Working Group aims to increase members’ awareness of the broad range of activities undertaken across the Livery as well as Pan-Livery initiatives in support of the Lord Mayor.  The WCIT is a member of the Financial Services Group (FSG) of Livery companies  and the group will focus primarily on supporting the FSG’s work. We aim to disseminate information from FSG meetings, allowing input and discussion by our members on how the WCIT can best support or lead on specific projects.  The group will then liaise with other WCIT Panels and Committees as required.

The City Interest Working Group provides a forum to update all WCIT members on the wider City Livery activities and will seek to establish connections with other Livery ‘industry’ groups over time. We welcome new and active members with a genuine interest in the City who are willing to collaborate on inter-Livery initiatives.