Ethical and Spiritual Panel

The Ethical and Spiritual Panel aims to encourage the development of the ethical and spiritual dimensions of daily life in the IT industry.  The Panel’s multi-faith activities address a wide range of ethical and spiritual issues that are relevant to IT businesses, their customers and employees by:

  • Sharing the insights it gains with opinion formers and decision makers with a view to applying appropriate ethical standards in the use of technology.
  • Endeavouring to identify how technology can be used to encourage and promote ethical behaviour and spiritual understanding, and applying its resources to furthering selected projects which have this aim.
  • Seeking to understand the moral risks in the use of technology by vulnerable individuals and promoting their safe use.

The ESP includes members from any faith community, and conducts its business in an inclusive and tolerant way. It offers the opportunity for members to work together in a mutually supportive manner, sharing ideas, experiences and approaches to living that are true to the highest ethical and spiritual principles.