Information Security Panel

The objective of the Panel is to promote “the City of London” (and the UK Financial Services sector which it supports and promotes) as “the best place to go on-line”: not only the safest and most secure, but also the best at taking remedial action when things do go wrong.

The means is to position the panel, and others with which it collaborates, as a global hub for leadership and co-operation in taking action against abuse, rather than focussing on “mere” awareness, prevention and protection. There are many groups and ‘associations’ dealing with matters relating to ‘Information Security’, and the intention is not to replicate or ‘compete’ with existing initiatives or organisations, but to provide a forum where they can exchange good practice in working together across boundaries.

To that end we aim to involve, as full panel members or as guest advisors, those in a position to help set the agendas of government and business, including with regard to programmes of co-operation, professional codes of practice and regulatory requirements.

The panel meets quarterly. Each meeting is planned around a possible area of work, usually to be organised in co-operation with others, such as the Information Security Awareness Forum, the Charities Security Forum or the Cyber Champions.

We are also the official lead of the WCIT affiliation with the Joint Forces Cyber Group.