IT Accessibility Panel

The Panel aims to create equal opportunities in education for SEN (special educational needs) students through the promotion of assistive technologies.  With equal opportunities, more SEN Students will achieve higher exam results  enabling them to progress within further education and ultimately improve their opportunities to gain employment.

Why the focus on this particular segment?

  • Within the UK, there are 7.8 million disabled people of working age. Of those only 3.4 million are in employment (56%).
  • There are 1 million students under 16 with a disability out of total student population of 12.4 million.
  • 25% of SEN Students with a Statement* achieve 5 or more GCSEs at grades A to C. For Students with no disabilities that figure is 89%

*Statement  – a document which sets out a child’s Special Educational Needs and any additional help that the child should receive.