Technology Panel

The principal purpose of the Technology Panel is to provide guidance to both members and the Hall team on all technology activities across the Company. This includes identifying and reviewing technology innovations and opportunities to benefit the WCIT and its membership.

In addition, the Panel seeks to promote the best use of digital and other technologies across the Livery movement.

Key Responsibilies

  1. Provide guidance and assist in the Company’s purchase, implementation and use of IT systems.
  2. Work with the Hall team and the Information and Security Panel to ensure the Company’s systems are secure and comply with current legislation.
  3. Act as a central resource for the review of all technology activities across Panels and Committees in order to ensure consistency with WCIT’s strategic objectives.
  4. Identify and review new technologies and innovations which may benefit the WCIT. Make recommendations via the Clerk as appropriate.
  5. Work in conjunction with the Clerk and/or the Projects and Pro Bono Panel to promote/assist other Livery companies with technology activities.